How Quickly Can I Start Service?
Service can usually start within a day depending on the patient's needs.

What Is The First Step To Starting Services?
Give us a call at (818) 502-9494 and we’ll discuss on how to best serve you and your loved ones

Who Needs Home Health Care?
Patients who need short term assistance after discharge from the hospital.                                                              
Chronically ill, or permanently disabled persons who wish to remain at home.                                                                  
Elderly individuals, who due to illness or disability, need assistance in their homes.

How Are Your Nurses & Staff Screened?
Elite Home Health conducts a state wide criminal background check on all of our staff. Previous employment reference checks are also conducted in an attempt to ensure that we only hire qualified employees. We also conduct problem solving sessions to determine the nurses acumen in handling physically, and cognitively challenging situations.

Does The Agency Have Flexibility In Scheduling?
Elite Home Health scheduling is very flexible with care available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We strive to meet our clients' needs and will always put our clients first.

What Range Of Services Do You Provide?
Elite Home Health provides a wide range of services to fit our client’s individual needs.  See Services section.

How Can I Qualify for Home Health Care Benefits?
You need to be classified as "Homebound" requiring health services and your doctor needs to certify your need for home care.

What Is A Certification Period?
Home health recipients are certified to receive benefits for 60 day periods.  Upon the completion of a 60 day period, the home health agency and the doctor will determine if it is appropriate to re-certify your plan for care.

How Much Do Home Health Services Cost?
Nothing! It is covered fully by traditional Medicare Part A. There are no co-pays or limits provided you qualify for home health. PPO's and HMO's have separate payment schedules and you need to check with their guidelines.

How Do I Gain Certification from a Doctor?
Once the home health agency does their assessment and determines that homebound status is appropriate, a plan of care is formulated based upon your needs and sent to your doctor for approval.

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