Start of Care
Upon the initial phone call, the Elite coordinator will ensure that all service agreements are in place.  A registered nurse will contact the prospective client to make an appointment in their home to discuss the services requested and open the case.

Admission Process/ Care Plan Development
The client’s health and ADLs (activities of daily living) are reviewed to determine the appropriate care plan. The registered nurse along with the client or responsible party develops the care plan together to ensure that all of their needs will be met. In the care plan specific instructions will be detailed. Admission paperwork will be completed at this time. If other services are needed the registered nurse will place a referral to the appropriate agencies.

Orientation and Staffing of Caregivers
The Elite coordinator will match a caregiver to a client based on skills needed for care and availability. Caregivers are oriented to the client’s care plan with detailed explanations. After this occurs the caregiver may begin working with the client.

Quality Professional Supervision Provided
Our Nursing Supervisor visits clients to supervise caregivers according to state requirements, monitors the client’s condition, and provides additional assistance such as referrals. The Nursing Supervisor provides assessments, reviews the care plan, and updates the care plan as needed. Caregivers perform daily documentation of the clients care and special needs and relay special circumstance to the Nursing Supervisor.

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